It’s official!

I’m blogging!  YAY!  So far I’ve spent the better part of my Sunday playing with WordPress and trying to figure out how to get this thing up and running.  So much for making this a productive day!  But I knew I was going to try something new for lunch and I wanted to be able to post about it (I’ve been mulling over this blog thing for a while now), so here I am!

In an effort to try new veggies, I picked up a package of two HUGE portabello mushroom caps from the grocery store the other day.  The plan: create a low cal, delicious sandwich!  Here’s how it went:


I scored the top in a diamond pattern and cut an ‘x’ into the remaining stem on the underside per the instructions on the package.  Then I rubbed both sides with a bit of olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper.  After that it was onto the indoor grill with the lid closed for about 8 minutes.

Grilled Mushroom


I topped the mushroom with a few onions and a slice of Kraft 2% Pepperjack Cheese for a little kick and here’s the finished product (along with my dessert: Sugar Free Jello with Fat Free Redi-Whip)

Final Portabello Burger


Not too bad if I do say so myself!  While the mushroom DEFINITELY has a  different texture than a burger, by dressing it up like a burger with the cheese and all, I hardly noticed (and at 20 calories the mushroom is WAY easier to fit into my day than beef!).  I’d try this again for sure!

Well, time for me to hit save and see how this adventure goes!  I REALLY need to turn off the computer and grade some papers or do some cleaning (our house is a wreck!).  I’m out!


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  1. mom

    Hi Mandy,
    I hope you give me credit for your healthy eatting habits, especially with teaching you cake is great for breakfast as well as a desert and any other meal.

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