Busy night, easy dinner…

Right before I was ready to start my run the hubbie called from work saying he was STARVING and asking to move up our dinner time to a bit earlier in the evening.  I agreed because I had such an easy dinner planned.  I flew through my 5 miles (Mondays tend to be easier because I take Sundays almost completely off from exercise of any kind) while watching Oprah and the end of a Biggest Loser from a couple weeks ago (I *heart* my TiVo!).  Then it was back upstairs to make dinner!  Here’s how it turned out:








That’s shredded rotisserie chicken simmered in a can of Old El Paso Hot Enchilada Sauce.  I threw some on a La Tortilla Factory WW Tortilla and loaded it up with fat free sour cream, tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, green onions, and spinach.  It was DE-LISH and all for around 550 calories!  I served it with some leftover Bear Creek brand Sante Fe Chipotle Soup fresh from the freezer ;-), my typical spinach dinner salad, and just a few Pringles Select Cinnamon Sweet Potato Chips.

After dinner (and a quick call to mom… HI MOM!  Yes, I know you influenced and encouraged my love of cake!! Thanks for the comments!), I settled in to grade some papers.  I’ve really been in to listening to various health/exercise related podcasts in the evening while grading.  I find that I can listen and still be productive, but turn on a TV and I’ll look up and watch more than I grade.  Tonight I listened to an old episode of Fat to Fit Radio.  I’ll post a link to it once I have time to figure out how to post links! 🙂

Here are the munchies for the evening: an apple with some peanut butter, a Fudgy PB Chip Vitalicious Vitatop, and a 1/4 c. of Breyers Fat Free French Chocolate Ice Cream on the side.  All totally about 275 calories (I budget a fair amount of calories for evening snacks, and my dinner was on the small side tonight so I got two snacks with LOTS of chocolate… YAY!)








Well I still have to enter all the work I’ve graded into my gradebook, so I’m off!


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