Spring break in 3…

3 more days until Spring Break!  YAY!  I’m focusing all my energy on making it to GLORIOUS Friday!!  Today was a long day… it started with a breakfast eaten partially on the run.  I had the Healthy Life WW Toast with cinnamon and sugar on top at home, but ended up having to take the yogurt on the road because I was a little behind (that’s why the mix-ins are pictured just sittin’ there!).  It was mixed berry yogurt with blueberries, Kashi Puffed and GoLean Crunch cereals, walnuts and flax mixed in.


Morning snack was the basic cheerios and cantaloupe (it’s under the strawberries).  Lunch was leftover TJ Sundried Tomato/Basil Chicken Tenders, leftover steamed veggie mix, string cheese, and Jell-o.  I saved the strawberries until right after school got out.


Right after school I ran to the grocery store for a few random things we recently ran out of (mostly produce) and then came home and had a GREAT snack plate.  I had a HUGE granny smith apple with crack homemade almond butter drizzled on top AND a piece of toast with Tribe All Natural Garlic Hummus topped with sliced cucumber.  I’m a little embarrassed to say I’ve never tried hummus before… I’M HOOKED (surprise, surprise… me? like food? especially garlic-y food?)!  I’m SUPER excited to use it to make a veggie wrap for lunch tomorrow and even more excited to try making my own hummus at home next week (what kind of loser am I?  who gets excited about using hummus??!?)!  After my snack I had to run BACK out to pick up my dogs from the groomers.  I now have two clean, but tired poodles!!  As soon as I got home I did my weekly 30 Day Shred Video (Level 2 for the second time).  I swear… I’ve never been in plank position so much in my life!!  Jillian is brutal!


 After my workout, I started to make dinner, but it didn’t go quite as well as the afternoon snack.  While at the grocery store I picked up some fresh cod and used it to make homemade oven-baked fish sticks again (the hubbie REALLY liked them a week or two ago). I finally used up the very last of the quinoa pilaf and also had some Green Giant Simply Steamed Sugar Snap Peas.  Oh!  And a spinach salad of course!  Where things didn’t go so well was with my soup.  I tried a recipe I found inside the lid of my plain yogurt for a sweet potato soup. While it wasn’t bad, it wasn’t good either.  With so many foods out there that I WANT to eat though, I don’t want to waste calories on ones that I’m just ‘meh’ about.  So that was NOT a success.  But you can’t win them all, huh?


What WAS successful was my evening snack.  I had a small cup of Cookie Crisp cereal with Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze (cereal sounded good… especially chocolatey dessert cereal) and a homemade banana bread muffin from the freezer.  The real story of the night, though, was that ugly mess on the right…








Yes, I’m aware it looks VERY nasty but I’m here to tell you it was HEAVEN!  I’d already used my almond butter on fruit earlier today, and I needed another excuse to use it and that excuse was CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM!  A 1/2 c. of Breyers Fat Free French Chocolate Ice Cream topped with 1/2 TBS of almond butter thinned out with a bit of water so I could drizzle it over the top.  OMG!  The salty/sweet deliciousness was almost too much!  It was definitely a great way to end the night!


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