Just a typical day today… workin’ for the weekend!  I started my day with a bowl of Kashi Puffed Cereal with various bits of TJ’s freeze-dried fruit mixed in and Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze.  I also had a Morning Star Breakfast Sausage Link and an egg white/mozzarella muffomelette for a little protein.


Morning snack was just some cheerios and cantaloupe (hiding under the strawberries again!)… but lunch was GREAT!  More hummus!!  I used a La Tortilla Factory WW Tortilla, covered it with Tribe All Natural Roasted Garlic Hummus and stuffed it full of spinach, cucumber, green bell peppers, and broccoli slaw.  I could hardly roll the thing up it was SO huge!  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture before wrapping it up to pack it, so it’s kind of hard to see in the pic… but it would have been WAY too much effort to undo it!  I also had some strawberries and a jell-o (of course).


I had a 5 mile run scheduled for this afternoon (I swear I’ll get the fitness section up and running over Spring Break so you can see my training plan), so I needed some serious fuel: oatmeal!  I mixed a smashed banana and some homemade almond butter in for a delicious and filling afternoon snack! Then I hit the treadmill and caught up on some of my ‘stories’ from the TiVo.


The most exciting part of my day was dinner!  I created a whole new recipe: Chicken Manicotti!  Usually I tweek other people’s recipes and make them my own, but I just went into the kitchen this afternoon and started playing around sans recipe and it worked out!  I used some leftover TJ’s Sundried Tomato Basil Chicken Tenders and a whole host of other things to create it.  I think it’s going to be my first post in the recipes section, actually (again… I swear I’ll get to that over spring break!)!  The best part about it (besides that I came up with it all by myself and it DIDN’T taste like crap) was that each tube of pasta with tomatoes/sauce was only 145 calories!  You can’t beat that!  I had originally planned to eat 3, but by the time I had the spinach salad, garlic bread, and some leftover steamed veggies, I realized I did not need a 3rd one and decided to save it for a later meal. 








After dinner I made a pretty large snack plate (I had some calories to spare from skipping the last tube of manicotti), it had some Cookie Crisp Cereal, an apple with homemade almond butter, a Hershey’s Kiss and a Mini Reese’s Buttercup (hey… if I’ve got leftover calories banked for my day I have NO problem fillin’ ’em in with chocolate!!)  Now I’m getting ready to have a scoop of Breyer’s No Sugar Added Vanilla Ice Cream and a Microwave Chocolate Cake smeared with some PB&Co. Dark Chocolate Dreams PB. 








Tomorrow is going to be a long day due to parent-teacher conferences in the evening, so I have a LOT of planning to do tonight so I can prepare and pack enough snacks to carry me through tomorrow evening!


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