It’s Spring Break!!!!

It has been Spring Break for about 20 hours now… and I have a very good reason for why I didn’t post yesterday… here’s how my first 20 hours of Spring Break has gone:

7 hours: At Fast Eddie’s BonAir (Happy ‘Hour’ is just the title… you don’t have to follow it)

45 minutes: Dinner with Hubbie

2 hours: Back to Fast Eddie’s

30 minutes: Brushing teeth/ playing with dogs / getting ready for bed

8.5 hours: SLEEP!

30 minutes: Checking up on email and blog world from yesterday.

Here’s how it worked out food-wise (there’s not much to it):

I wanted to keep breakfast light and I wanted to eat it at school (so I had something to munch on because they were serving the teachers a Pancake Breakfast during conferences.  It’s a nice gesture, but I knew I’d be going wild on the calories at the bar later and wanted to avoid being tempted by the breakfast being offered), so I brough a piece of toast and some cantaloupe/strawberries.  My mid-morning/pre-lunch snack was a spinach salad with mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, and green bell peppers.  I also packed some cucumber slices with ranch dip, but ended up not needing or wanting those.








The rest of my afternoon, unfortunately, does not have pictures.  At Fast Eddies I had their DELICIOUS marinated beef tenderloin with green bell peppers on a stick (otherwise known as the Big Elwood) for lunch.  All afternoon I snacked on more than my fair share of the salty, freshly popped bar popcorn, and of course I had my fair share of these:


When I snuck home for dinner with Brian I wasn’t that hungry (beer and popcorn for dinner… YAY!), so just grabbed a quick bowl of Kashi Puffed Cereal with some Freeze Dried Mango in it in a bit of Unsweetened Original Almond Breeze.  After heading back to the bar (it’s literally 5 minutes from my house and I didn’t want my Friday night to end just because Brian went back in to work) for a bit I came home and finished up the cucumbers I had packed for lunch earlier before heading to bed.


Not the most productive or healthy start to a Spring Break, but definitely fun.  I had a tempo run of 2.75 mi. scheduled for yesterday (Friday is my tempo day), but clearly that didn’t happen.  Now my long run of 11.5 is scheduled for today… I know that today I’m running one way or another, and I’ll make up the other run tomorrow (Sunday’s are usually my day off from running, but I’m going to have to play catchup).  I’m hoping if I get some nutritious foods back in my system I’ll feel up for the long run because I’ve had 2 days of NO exercise (Thurs. night = parent teacher conferences, Fri night = drinking), so I should be well rested.  I’ve been munching on this:


as I type (just some blueberries if you can’t tell), but now I think it’s time for me to figure out what I’m REALLY having for breakfast.  Keep your fingers crossed that my next 20 hours of spring break are more productive that the first!


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