It’s all about the long run…

Saturday means long run day… and long run day means I lay around all morning saving my energy and then lay around all day after the run because I’m drained of energy.  Not very productive!  I started my morning with an egg white/mozzarella omelet, 2 pieces of WW toast (one with Sugar Free Strawberry Jelly the other with homemade AB), and a bowl of strawberries/blueberries. 


After catching up on some blog reading and emails, I went back to bed for a 30 minute power nap.  Then I woke up and fueled for my run with a bowl of oats (that’s right… by 1 p.m. I had eaten twice, napped once, and checked my email… these long run days are HARD!).


This was a good mix today… you can’t tell from the blue of the blueberries, but besides Frozen Wild Blueberries there’s cinnamon and 1/2 a mashed banana in there.  It was REALLY yummy!

While letting my food settle I prepared for my 12 mile run (longest run EVER! YAY ME!).  I got my clothes ready to go, the MP3 player charged, and got my snack ready: a new Clif Z-Bar flavor: chocolate brownie! I got it ready by breaking it into little pieces and putting it downstairs on my treadmill (I did the first half of my long run outside and the second half on the threadmill… I do this for 2 reasons: 1.  It’s easier on my knees to not pound the pavement for that long. 2.  There’s not a lot of safe places to run in my area and I struggle to figure out a way to cover the mileage I need to without doing the same loop over and over again.).


Let me tell you… the next time I need motviation to run, just remind me about how it gives me an excuse to eat chocolatey goodness like this.  I LOVED this bar!  DELICIOUS! It did make me REALLY thristy though (not that that’s bad… I NEED to be hydrated during the run!).  Once again, I can never tell if the food I eat during the run really helps fuel me or not, but I CAN tell you that getting to nosh on a bite of brownie every half mile felt SO good (and a little naughty at the same time… running while eating sweets… it’s just WRONG… but also SO right! :-))

 When I’d finished my run, I went looking in the kitchen for a post run recovery snack, but when the hubbie informed me he was hungry at that time too, we just decided to go ahead and have an early dinner.  I had the typical spinach salad (though I did add a TINY bit of avocado to the usual mix… I haven’t tried avocado and wasn’t sure I’d like it, but every now and then I’d get a bite of salad with creamy goodness in it and I’m guessing that was the avocado… so I think I enjoyed it!), some leftover grilled veggies, and some leftoever Spicy Peanut Noodles with Tofu and Broccoli. 








It felt SO good to eat a nice, full meal.  I was famished after the run!  The rest of the evening was spent moping around and relaxing (which was just fine with me!).  Various snacks were consumed including:  An orange from Florida (my grandparents’ neighbors just got back from vacation and brought them a TON of oranges so I inherited some).


Later we (hubbie was off tonight!) watched the Angelina Jolie movie, The Changeling.  And in my mind, movie time = popcorn time! For whatever reason, cinnamon popcorn has really been hitting the spot lately! And what’s movie popcorn without candy?  So I had some M&M’s too. 


It was a long movie, so a couple other snacks MAY have been consumed over the course of the rest of the night…

Ice Cream Cone









Maybe a Breyers No Sugar Added Vanilla Ice Cream Cone and a Vitalicious Brownie with homemade AB slathered in the middle.

Well, I’m off to bed.  I have to get up and do a quick grocery run in the morning, then pick up the basement because the in-laws are coming over for lunch (oh… and I have to make lunch!)!  I also wanted to make another batch of almond butter tomorrow… and at some point I should probably make sure I have something planned for my students on Monday!  🙂  So much to do… so little Spring Break left!  Goodnight!


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