Icky afternoon…

Today has kind of turned into a not-so-great day, so I’m going to keep my post short and get off to bed ASAP.



Two pieces of WW toast (one with AB one with cinnamon/splenda) a Morning Star Breakfast Sausage and some blueberries and strawberries for the ride to work.

In the lunch bag:


Cheerios for a morning snack.  Leftover Lemon-Chicken Penne with Broccoli, an orange, and jell-o for lunch.  No after school snack because I didn’t intend to stay after (even though I ended up staying for over an hour! UGH!).  School was average today, but the icky-ness started this afternoon.  I spoke to my mom and found out she had to go put our 15 year old cat, Bob, to sleep today.  While I know it was the right thing… and it’s not like I’ve lived with them (and consequently Bob) for several years, it still sucks.  It sucks even worse that my mom had to go to the vet on her own… ugh.  Nothing more to say but ugh.  I’ve tried to keep my mind off the situation, but when my mind gets a chance to wander it goes to that. 

I decided I needed to distract myself with a run.  5 miles was on the schedule today… but first, the traditional pre-run fuel:


Oats with 1/2 smashed banana, cinnamon, and Frozen Wild Blueberries.

By the time I got done running, I wasn’t up for anything complicated for dinner:


I had a chicken breast, some frozen veggie/noodle mix that steamed in the bag in the microwave, a sweet potato (with cinnamon!), a salad, some leftover minestrone, and a slice of ‘garlic toast’.

Evening snacks were basic as well:









Another Vitatop muffin stuffed with AB (it was SO good last night I had to have it again) and a Breyers Fat Free French Chocolate Ice Cream Cone. 

I’m off to prep breakfast and lunch for tomorrow and then head to bed.  I’m ready to be done with this evening!


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