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Long afternoon of surfing…

surfing the web that is!  I spent the better part of my afternoon and evening searching the internet for deals for a vacation for me and the hubbie this summer.  We still don’t have anything solidified.  Ugh.  It’s late already, so excuse me for the rather bare bones post, but I’m SO internet-ed out right now!!  Breakfast was simple, but good:


WW toast- one with No Sugar Strawberry one with No Sugar Orange Marmalade, a Morning Star Breakfast Sausage Link and some strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries which were consumed at school.  Lunch was something I hadn’t had in a while:


Cottage cheese and Mandarin Oranges (I thought I grabbed peaches… but I didn’t!!), string cheese, pretzel sticks (saved for afterschool Halftime Hottie Practice), and jell-o.   The biscotti cookie was the morning snack with some tea as usual!!  I got home later than I expected and was starving, so I grabbed something that I knew would fill me up:


Chocolate oatmeal with a spoonful of homemade AB.  It was SO yummy and filling.  Since I was working so hard on planning our vacation, dinner was pre-made from the freezer:


Stouffer’s Express Basil Chicken Rigatoni, with side salad and garlic toast.  As I continued my internet time after dinner, I had a nice dessert snack plate:


An HG Funky Monkey Square, some cookies, a spoonful of Mighty Maple, and a medjool date stuffed with homemade AB.  I think I met my nutbutter quota for the day!  😉  And of course, about an hour later, there was this:

ice cream cone

Well, I had grand plans of laundry, reading, and yoga and instead I’ve wasted my night away in front of the computer.  Time for me to get to bed!  Maybe I’ll squeeze in just a few stretches before I hit the sack.  G’night!


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Half Hump Day

We had a half day at school today and that meant a food day in our department.  Ugh!  Food days are such a challenge for me.  Very few healthy choices and lots of high-calorie ones!  I tried to keep breakfast light in anticipation of the early, crap-filled lunch:


Another greek yogurt (topped with cinnamon)/cereal/fruit bowl.  The two cereals I used were the traditional Kashi Puffed Cereal along with the new Jumbo Rice Krispies Cereal (with a touch of honey).  I’m loving these guys.  Sure they’re a little sugar-heavy… but when balanced out with the Kashi Puffed, it adds a nice sweetness to things.  The fruits were the last of my fresh pineapple (note to self: need more pineapple!) and blueberries. 

My contribution to the food day was a Hungry Girl recipe for Coconut Glazed Fruit Salad.  It turned out really well and everyone really enjoyed it.  You can see a pic of it in yesterday’s post.  I brought a piece of bread, a tomato, and a slice of cheese for a cheesy-tomato melt so I could avoid the main dish of white castle slider hamburgers. I also brought some jell-o in an attempt to keep me from hitting the desserts to hard…


Unfortunately, that’s the only pic of lunch you’ll get as I didn’t bring my camera to school to photograph the crap-fest that was my lunch.  Ugh!  I ate SO much.  Besides having at LEAST a 1.5 c. of fruit salad and my cheesy tomato melt, I bet I had 2 servings of Tostitos Hint of Lime chips (OMG… I LOVE this flavor) with some seven layer dip.  I also had several handfuls of pretzels, a brazilian cheese roll (a co-worker of mine has a wife from brazil… don’t know what was in this, but it was magic!), a slice of some other sort of cheese-filled bread, 2 or 3 bites of texas sheet cake, several bites of something called kool-aid pie (sweetened condensed milk mixed with cool whip and kool-aid mix in a pie crust… so much tastier than it sounds… so much less healthy than most things that exist on Earth), some Pasta House Salad… oh the list is endless.  I came home from work and after folding a load of laundry, fell into a sugar-crash induced nap.  I decided to go light on the pre-run snack… I just had an unphotographed cup of Kashi Puffed Cereal with some Unsweetened Original Almond Breeze.  I had a 5 mile run scheduled for today which I completed on the treadmill as it looked rather cloudy outside and I was afraid it would rain.  My right hip has been bothering me a bit (I think it’s my IT Band) so I’m going to look up some stretches online after I finish this post.  I also think I’m going to take tomorrow off from exercise (except for the intensity that is my Halftime Hotties Dance Practice afterschool 😉 ).  Hopefully between stretching and a day off I won’t have any problems and Friday’s run will be business as usual.  Since I went calorie-crazy at lunch I wanted a filling, veggie-filled, but low calorie dinner:


Leftover Mexi-meal fit the bill nicely.  I also had a salad, garlic toast, and a small cup of leftover minestrone soup from the freezer.  This dinner actually ended up being even lower in calorie than first thought, so I had a nice snack plate soon after:


That’s right… I became a cookie monster!  I had a HG Chunky and Nutty Frozen PB Cup from last night (they taste nothing like PB cups in my opinion, but are still a delicious frozen treat!), a small package of vanilla creme cookies, 2 chocolate almond biscotti cookies (and some tea to dip them in… man has this combo been hitting the spot for me!), and finally, I decided to forgo the bread tonight and just eat the good stuff straight… a spoonful of Mighty Maple straight from the jar!  Now I’m getting ready to get my shower, but not before I have the usual:

ice cream cone

Nothing like cookies and ice cream to complete and evening!  G’night!

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Where did my night go??

My night has absolutely flown by… I’ve gotten so little done!  More on that in a bit… first, the eats for the day:

muesli chocolate strawberries

Breakfast was overnight chocolate oatmeal with strawberries.  I’m going to be eating this a TON over the summer.  It’s SO cool and creamy!

It was a full lunch bag today! 








Biscotti cookie for mid-morning snack.  Lunch was a WW tortilla with Laughing cow cheese, spinach, tomato, bell peppers and onions, some leftover broccoli mixed with more laughing cow cheese, and a jell-o.  The apple and homemade AB were my ‘staying after school to work’ snack.  Right after school I ran to the grocery store and picked up a couple of tilapia fillets (they were on sale!) and some fresh asparagus with plans of playing with a new steamer contraption I’d bought myself over the weekend.  When I got home I had a pre-workout snack:


Blueberry yogurt, Kashi Puffed and GoLean Cereal, and fresh pineapple.  I then flopped onto the couch to catch up on emails and blogs and actually fell asleep slumped in front of the computer.  I woke up about a 1/2 hour later and realized I needed to get started on my workout right away if I was going to squeeze it in before dinner.  I did Shred Level 1… Level 2 had been kicking my butt so I stepped back to level 1, but I did the ‘Natalie’ version of everything (that counts for something, right?).  Then I used my new double decker steamer to prep dinner:


Salad, Tilapia, asparagus, green beans, leftover BBQ lentils, garlic toast, and a glass of wine leftover from Friday night.  This was an excellent dinner with a nice sweet snack plate for dessert:


A fun size hershey bar, some Lesser Evil Black and White Kettle Corn, and a HG Funky Monkey Square.  While I was snacking I tried another HG recipe from her new book: Chunky and Nutty Frozen PB Cups.  While they were in the freezer, I finished catching up on emails and blogs that I missed out on earlier in the afternoon due to my unscheduled snooze.  Then it was snack time!


The HG PB cups hadn’t quite frozen all the way, but I ate one anyway (what can I say… I’m impatient).  It was pretty good, though I’d like to know what it’s like when it’s actually frozen.  I also had my latest staple nighttime snack: bread smeared with PB&Co. Mighty Maple. 

Before getting my shower, I had to get ready for tomorrow.  We have a 1/2 day tomorrow with professional development in the afternoon, so our department is having a food day… which means, I had a dish to prepare.  I made another new HG recipe: Coconut Glazed Fruit Salad.  I plan to sample it tomorrow morning once the flavors have melded… but here’s what it looked like:


I hope it turns out well!  I need it as a healthy option to all the crap that will surely be tempting me at the food day tomorrow.  I save my crap eating for my evenings:

ice cream cone

I knew you were worried I hadn’t had my ice cream fix… I managed to squeeze it in!  Now I’m off to shower and hit the hay!

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Dreary Monday

After a gorgeous (though slightly too warm) weekend, rain finally came to STL today.  It was such a grey day.  All the kids were worn out and tired from prom this weekend and the weather just dragged everyone down further.  At least my breakfast was bright and sunny!


A microwaved egg with and a yogurt/cereal/fruit bowl with some lovely citrus-y pineapple and kiwi fruit!  Lunch wasn’t bad either:


The biscotti cookie was my morning snack with some tea (at least the rain made it a better tea day!).  Lunch was some leftover Mexi-meal (totally hooked on this by the way… warm and spicy… yummy!), some The Works flavored Food Should Taste Good Chips, jell-o, and a plum (though I ate the plum when I got home in the afternoon).  I was pretty tired after work today, so I spent the better part of the afternoon bumming around, checking email, reading blogs, etc.  Finally I got around to fueling up:


Chocolate strawberry oats with a spoonful of homemade AB.  Then I did my scheduled 3.5 mile run on the treadmill.  I used this run as an opportunity to catch up on my American Idol from last week.  For whatever reason I’m just not as into it this year… I don’t really have a favorite person that I’m over the moon about and I’m just not excited with what these contestants have been singing.  Oh well.  That’s why I have TiVo and a fast forward button!  🙂  After my run, it was dinner time:


Salad, open-faced BBQ chicken sandwich (from freezer), broccoli mixed with a Laughing Cow Cheese wedge, sweet potato ‘chips’, and leftover BBQ Lentils.  It was yummy.  But not yummy enough to keep the night time snack monster away:


My typical apple with AB had to make room for a piece of bread topped with crack  PB&Co. Mighty Maple peanut butter.  And of course, where would my night be without a frozen treat?

ice cream cone

Same as last night… the Blue Bunny Fat Free Brownie Sundae Frozen Yogurt.  Well, the hubbie is off tonight, so I’m going to go spend some time with him before the night gets away from me!

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Sunday shopping…

So I got up this morning, cut the coupons from the paper and then hit the road for 4 hours of errands/shopping.  I went to Target and got wedding gifts, baby gifts, mother’s day gifts… then I went to Petco and got Gully food… then I went to Dierbergs for a few things I can’t find at the SuperWalmart and then I went to Walmart and did some grocery shopping.  It took forever, but I got a lot done!  I spent the first part of the afternoon wrapping up all the gifts.  Check them out:


I’d tell you about what’s in them, but some of them are Mother’s Day gifts and my mommy reads this blog… so SSHHHH! It’s a secret.  Of course all that shopping required some fuel.  Breakfast was EXACTLY the same as yesterday:









A cup of tea and biscotti while I cut coupons and then a yogurt/fruit/cereal bowl that I brought with me and ate between Petco and grocery shopping (no shopping on an empty stomach!!).  As soon as I got home I had some of the leftover Mexi meal from yesterday:








I also had some new chips: Food Should Taste Good The Works Flavor.  They were some good, hardy chips!  Dessert was some watermelon.  I spent the afternoon grading papers on and off and as motivation/rewards, I snacked…




  It started with a popsicle… then moved on to an apple with AB… then finally a Mango-Tango Slushie from the Hungry Girl 200 Under 200 book (which I forget to photograph until it was mostly gone…).  It was a snack-a-liscious afternoon!  But as good as those snacks were, dinner was even better:










Mini pizzas!!  I made one veggie and one hawaiin (with pineapple and canadian bacon).  These are SO good.  I also had my usual salad (though it’s not pictured) and the last of my steamed veggies from last week on the side.  As soon as I finished dinner, I needed something sweet…


An HG Funky Monkey Square!  I didn’t even have time to put ice cream on it this time before it was down the hatch!!  After a quick call to mom, I paid some bills and caught up on some emails.  I also had a fabulous snack plate:


More Food Should Taste Good Chips (these were the Dutch Cocoa ones), a Reese’s Butter Cup, and something that takes me back to my childhood: a piece of bread topped with Peanut Butter & Co. Mighty Maple Peanut Butter.  This takes me back, not because we ate Pb&Co. when I was little, but because my Dad used to mix together peanut butter and syrup and spread it on bread for us when we were little as a snack (hello calories!).  When I’d tell my friends about this delectable treat, they’d grimace and say it sounded gross, but we LOVED it.  I can still remember getting excited when he’d go to the pantry and take out the peanut butter, the pancake syrup, and a mug to mix it in (I remember a certain Garfield one got used a lot!).  Well, today I saw Mightly Maple at the store and since I’ve been lovin’ me some Dark Chocolate Dreams, I thought I’d give it a try… expecting a sweet PB and nothing more.  I never thought of the potential for it to be similar to my childhood snack.  I was anxious to try it (yeah.. I’m a dork that gets excited about nut butters), so when I got home I popped it open and took out a small scoop and my mind was blown.  This stuff tastes exactly like what my Dad used to make!  It’s uncanny.  I’m in LOVE! You are going to be seeing this stuff A LOT in coming posts.  On a side note… how bad does it suck that my Dad didn’t act on his recipe and make millions of dollars off it? 

Well, I’m off to pack up my lunch for tomorrow, get my clothes picked out, and generally surrender to the impending work week.  But first, it wouldn’t be a night without ice cream:


New flavor this time: Blue Bunny Brownie Sundae Frozen Yogurt.  It’s pretty good.  It tastes like fat free frozen yogurt and not ice cream… but I love the brownie chunks in it!!  For 90 calories, it’s a good deal!  Have a good night!

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Worst. Run. Ever.

AAAHHHH weekend!  So many things to pack into only 2 days!  I woke up this morning and began making my HUGE shopping list.  I have to go to Target because it seems as though every single one of my friends is either getting married or having a kid, so I have LOTS of gifts to buy.  Gully needs food (only found at Petco).  I also need to go to the grocery store to get us a few things and get the ingredients for the fruit salad I’m making for Wednesday’s food day at work.  I had plans to go to all these places after my long run, but before dinner, but that didn’t quite work out… but I digress.  Let’s start at the start, shall we?


During the list making I had a cup of tea with a Chocolate/Almond Biscotti cookie to hold me over for a bit until I was ready to make a proper breakfast.


This yogurt/fruit/cereal bowl was especially outstanding because I cut up the pineapple I bought earlier in the week and mixed some of that in.  Fresh pineapple = fan-freakin’-tastic!  I spent the rest of the morning mapping out my run online, taking a quick power nap, and generally puttering around the house being unproductive until  I ate my oats:


Nothing fancy here.  Just some cinnamon, frozen wild blueberries, and 1/2 a smashed banana.  After my oats had settled a bit, I went out on my run.  I was doing 10 miles total today and the plan was to do 6 miles outside and then the last 4 on my treadmill.  The temperature hit the upper 80s today, so I was ready to hit the pavement.  I was doing fine until mile 5… when I got a side stitch and started having trouble getting a good deep breath.  I decided I must be dehydrated and suffered through the last mile to my house.  Once home I grabbed a drink and these:

frozen grapes

frozen grapes, and hopped on the treadmill to knock out the last 4 miles.  I was just under a mile in when I got the most painful side stitch I’ve ever had.  I took my walk break a bit early in hopes of fixing the problem, but I was still having trouble getting a good, deep breath.  After about minute of walking (longer than my usual walkbreak), I tried to  pick back up running, but the side stitch came back.  It felt like someone was stabbing me right under the right side of my rib cage.  So I walked again… a little longer this time… and then tried to pick up running again, but it STILL hurt.  I decided I couldn’t run doubled over in pain and since I’d already walked almost a 1/2 mi. at that point anyway, that I’d finish out that mile by walking and then just tack an extra running mile onto the end of my run to make up for it.  So that’s what I did.  When I finally got back to running I ran slower than I’ve run in forever (a 12 minute/mi. pace) and it seemed to help.  To top it all off, while I was making my post run snack:


A Mexi-meal (this bowl x2) similar to ones I’ve seen on Gliding Calm(a can of spicy refried beans, cumin, cayenne, taco seasonings, chopped zucchini, yellow squash, green and yellow bell pepper, onions… I was out of salsa unfortunately…), I started feeling weak and sick and had to take a break and munch on some pretzels as an unscheduled appetizer.  I felt awful.  Morals of the story: 1.  Maybe my body IS still a little fatigued from Sunday’s race.  2.  No running outside above 80 degrees for distances above 3 or 4 miles without water.  3.  Grapes are no longer enough fuel during a run.  I spent the remainder of my afternoon/early evening recovering from that, catching up with my mom on the phone, and showering, before making dinner.


I pulled some leftover chili from the freezer and had chili mac with a salad and toasted hamburger bun.  It was a very filling dinner.  Now I’m in the midst of forcing myself to grade papers while listening to Jillian’s radio show and taking snack breaks.  Early on I had an apple with AB.

apples and almond butter

But then I got creative!  I decided to play with the new toy I got for easter and make some frozen yogurt.  I mixed a cup of plain yogurt with 1 c. of unsweetened vanilla almond breeze, some splenda, some PB2 powder, and some mini chocolate chips to make some peanut butter chocolate chip fro-yo.











It turned out OK.  Because of the low-cal (read: ‘no cream involved’) ingredients the texture was more like ice milk instead of ice cream, but it was only 85 calories for a 1/2 c. and it did scratch the cold dessert itch.  I can’t wait til I have more time to play with this this summer.  I want to make some fruit sorbets and things like that, but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to do it yet!  I’m currently tucking into my last snack of the evening (a repeat from last night):


An HG Funky Monkey Square topped with vanilla ice cream (that’s right… I had ice cream twice in one night… who are you to judge?  😉 ).  The plan is to get up tomorrow morning and go on the massive shopping trip!  Hopefully tomorrow will be a fun, but productive day! G’night!

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New favorite wine spot…

My day started off pretty average…


with a Morning Star Breakfast Sausage and a yogurt/cereal/fruit bowl once I got to school.  I wasn’t in the mood to prep food last night, so even the lunch bag was pretty average today:


Another biscotti cookie for the morning snack and then just some soup and jell-o for lunch.  The good news is I got out of there right after school and got home and squeezed in a nap while the hubbie was out working for a bit this afternoon.  But before I napped, I was starving, so I had some cucumber with tzatziki:


After the zzz’s I needed some running fuel… and you know how oats and running go together! 


I just mixed in some cinnamon and sweetener into these and kept it simple  Then I got in a 3.5 mile run.   I still did this one on the treadmill- still trying to take it easy for a bit longer after the half.  But I’m feeling pretty good and have a long run of 10 miles (a bit of a back track for me) scheduled for tomorrow.  I think I can officially say I’m training for a marathon!  We tried to keep dinner on the light side since we had plans to go to a new wine bar tonight:


Just a salad, some grilled chicken, some grilled zucchini and roma tomatoes, garlic toast, and a new recipe: Stovetop BBQ Lentils.  This was my first taste of lentils and I really enjoyed them (which is good because this recipe made a large batch, so you’ll be seeing lots of these in the coming days).  After dinner, since the hubbie had his first Friday night off in a while, we headed out to a new wine bar I’d heard of about 30 minutes from our house: Aerie’s Wineryin Grafton IL.  We totally fell in love with this place.  We got there around 9 and did a 4-wine taste sampler to determine what we actually wanted to get (and we got to keep the glasses!).  I found another German Reisling that I really enjoyed just like at the Wine Tasting Class, so we bought a bottle of that a proceeded to watch the end of the Cardinal’s game and just generally unwind.  This place was SO laid-back and welcoming!  And they had a FABULOUS outdoor deck that overlooks the Mississippi.  You could only really see lights at night… I can’t imagine how wonderful the view must be during the day!  AND they allow you to bring your own picnic lunch if you’d like!!  We didn’t bring food with us tonight, but it was nice to think of spending a Sunday sipping a bottle of wine and munching on our own snacks.  We also loved how accomedating they were.  They close around 10 p.m., but since we were just getting started on our bottle at that point, they told us that while they were closing down the building, we were welcome to hang outside on the deck as long as we wanted.  We actually ended up being the last people there.  It was SO nice to enjoy the warm weather, with the nice breeze, the nice views, and the nice wine.  I can’t say enough good things about this place!  We LOVED it, and will DEFINITELY be heading back!





When we got home I was feeling snacky, so I grabbed one of the HungryGirl Funky Monkey Squares from last night…


and topped it with ice cream of course.  Now I’m about ready to turn in for the evening.  I feel so calm and relaxed after hanging out outside all night, what a great way to end a week!!

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