A good night for piggies…

I was excited to get up this morning because I knew I had a delicious breakfast waiting for me in the fridge:

 muesli chocolate strawberries

Muesli!  I made the same mix as last time making it chocolate and adding strawberries.  Yummy!  It’s like getting an oatmeal-y version of chocolate covered strawberries for breakfast!

Lunch wasn’t too shabby either:


First, there was the cheerios to munch on in the morning (of course).  Lunch was a La Tortilla Garlic/Herb Tortilla which I topped with laughing cow cheese and spinach.  I also nuked some tomatoes, garlic, and onions and added that to the mix.  When I added the tomato mix to the tortilla, it heated up the cheese and made a fresh wrap of melty/cheesy/tomato-y goodness.  As a side to my wrap I had the last of my random steamed veggies from last week.  I knew I’d have to make more veggies tonight!  I LOVE having fresh veggies chopped, cooked, and waiting to be dished out in the fridge at all times!  I (of course) had to have a jell-o cup for dessert.  The apple and almond butter were my snack while I stayed after school to get some work done.  Then I had this when I got home:

 yogurt cereal blueberries







Raspberry yogurt topped with Kashi Puffed and GoLean Crunch cereals and frozen wild blueberries.  Soon after I finished my yogurt it was time to Shred!  Still did level 2.  I’m not bored with it yet and I’m in NO hurry to see the torture that awaits me in level 3!

Dinner was a quick fix of pigs in a blanket.  I use Low Fat Crescent Rolls and Hebrew National 97% Fat Free Beef Franks to keep the calories down.  I also tried a new recipe for Broccoli in Spicy Orange Sauce.  It was loosely based off of what I found on Yummy Diet Food, but only loosely because I added/removed several things based on what I had (big adds were zucchini and mushrooms).  I REALLY like how it turned out though and plan to post the recipe on here… whenever I actually get around to adding content to the recipe section.  The orange gave a nice background flavor to the veggies.  I of course had a salad as well!


After dinner I was in the mood for sweets so I had a small cup of Cookie Crisp Cereal mixed with Chocolate Cap’n Crunch and Unsweetened Original Almond Breeze and what I’m going to have to just start calling ‘the usual’ 🙂

cookie crisp

microwave cake ice cream






Now I’m going to ride out my sugar high by prepping lunch for tomorrow and maybe folding some laundry.  What an exciting life I lead!  2 more days ’til a LONG weekend!


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