Wine tasting Wednesday

I had a GREAT night tonight… so great that it’s a little difficult for me to focus on this post right now… but more on that later… First… recap of today’s food:


Breakfast was a bowl of cereal (haven’t had one of those in a while) just Kashi Puffed and unsweetened origianl Almond Breeze and some Freeze-dried fruit… nothing major.  I also had a Morning Star Breakfast Sausage for protein and a some cantaloupe on the car ride to work.

Lunch was pretty basic as well.  Since I knew I wouldn’t be staying after today, there weren’t any after school snacks and the lunch bag was kind of light today…


I had cheerios to munch on during the morning.  Then for lunch it was some Rye Wasa Crackers topped with Laughing Cow Garlic/Herb cheese and some nuked tomatoes/garlic/onions/italian seasonings.  I also had a side of the Spicy Orange Sauce Veggies from last night and two mini chocolate mirengue cookies.

I came home right after school with the intent of  smashing a bowl of oatmeal… and I did just that.


This was a new combo.  Chocolate oats with 1/2 a smashed banana mixed in.   It was yummy!

Then we did a little shopping.  We’re thinking of making a big purchase for our house, but I’ll keep you in suspense as to exactly what for little while longer until we’ve made our decision.  Because the shopping took longer than originally expected, I switched my runs up for the week and did my tempo run today.  No big deal since we don’t have school on Friday so I will have plenty of time to take care of the 5 miler then!  As soon as I was done running it was time to prep and early and light dinner because we had other plans for the rest of our evening!


Dinner was some Bear Creek Brand Cheddar Potato soup (which I bulked up with some frozen veggies) along with a sandwich (grilled tomatoes/onions/american cheese for me) and a spinach salad.   Yummy!  After dinner we headed over to a nearby town for a wine tasting class.  It was a gift from my hubbie for either Christmas or my b-day… I can’t remember which.  Either way it was a good time!  I’ve never been a huge fan of most wine, but I definitely enjoyed the personal, intimate atmosphere of this little shop and LOVED learning about wine (I’m such a NERD!).  Here are some highlights from the evening:








Needless to say, I had a few more samples than I needed to and ended up buy 4 bottles to take home (I TOTALLY played into their plans!).  I also got myself to a state where I REALLY don’t need to be at work tomorrow… and yet… I must… so it’s off to bed with me!


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