A good Good Friday…

I tell ya, my whole mentality is different on long weekends.  I’m SO much more relaxed.  Sure I’ve got a ton of stuff to do (we’re hosting almost a dozen people for Easter lunch/dinner and my house is a wreck!), but I’m not even stressed about it.  I just feel like I have SO much time that I’ll be able to both take time to relax AND be productive.  Today was a great example of that.  I started my morning off catching up on blogs and having a light breakfast:








Two pieces of WW toast topped with Smuckers Sugar Free Strawberry Jelly and Orange Marmalade and a couple of egg whites with a little bit of shredded mozzarella cheese gettin’ gooey on the inside.  A nice fruit bowl on the side too!

After breakfast, it was time to make my plan of attack for Sunday.  I finalized my menu and made my shopping list and then I was out the door to grocery shop.  It took a while, but I got it all done.  Once I got home I unpacked and had some lunch:









A WW tortilla shell smeared with Garlic and Herb Laughing Cow cheese and stuffed with tomatoes, onions, and spinach.  I also had a cup of leftover cheddar potato soup from the other night. 

After lunch, my productive mood went away for a little while.  I read some of a magazine and chatted with the hubbie until he went in to work.  Once he left, I was ready to get back to work… but first:


Run fuel for later!  I actually found some wheat bran at the grocery store this morning and since it seems to be all the rage according to several other food blogs, I decided to mix some in to my oats.  So I still went with the choco-banana combo, but this time I had 1/3 c. of oats and 1/4 c. of wheat bran.  It seemed to make the oats thicker, but I missed the chewiness of having just oats.  I will say it did a great job of filling me up!  While my tummy went to work digesting,  I folded a load and a half of laundry and made a fresh batch of almond butter.  Before I knew it it was time for my 5 mile run, and then dinner!









Dinner was pretty simple.  I threw a chicken breast on the indoor grill and then topped it with a mix of Frank’s buffalo sauce and ranch dressing.  I also had some leftover Veggies in spicy orange sauce, a sweet potato (which I topped with a little spray butter, cinnamon, salt/pepper), a salad, garlic toast, and my second cup of leftover soup for the day!

After dinner, I really kicked into high gear.  First, I tried out a new dessert recipe a la Carrots N Cake .  I modified the recipe a bit using my homemade almond butter instead of PB, egg beaters instead of eggs, and slightly less chocolate and PB chips (trying to keep the calories down a bit).  They turned out pretty well!  The true test will be whether the fam likes them on Sunday.








While I waited for the blondies to bake and eventually to cool, I gave my mom a call and caught up with her.  While I was on the phone I picked up the living room and dining room tables (two areas that seem to collect junk throughout the week).  Once I was off the phone I headed into the basement.  I picked up all the dog toys, vacuumed the whole basement, cleaned the bathroom down there, and dusted!  So it’s been a busy night (can you tell I’m more of a night person?)!  I rewarded all my hard work with two delicious snacks:

apples and almond butter

Ice Cream Cone







No explanation needed as these two snacks make regular appearances!  Now I’m getting ready to jump in the shower and head to bed!  I’ve got another full day tomorrow!  I’ve got my last long run before my half marathon scheduled!!  EEKS!


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