Last day of weekend…

It’s been a glorious 4 days off, but today was spent getting ready to get back to reality.  As soon as I got up this morning I started grading papers.  I tried to make it more enjoyable by listening to Jillian Michael’s Radio show… and it DID help.  At some point I took a break for food:


I wanted a little of everything this morning so I had a slice of toast with Smuckers Sugar Free Orange Marmalade, an egg white cooked up in the microwave, and a fruit/yogurt/cereal bowl with greek yogurt, strawberries/kiwi, and Kashi Puffed cereal.  After I finished eating it was time for more grading!  I graded for a couple more hours, taking a 15 minute email/blog reading/chat with the hubbie break every now and then.  Before I knew it, it was lunch time.








I love being home and getting to fix real food.  I took a some leftover crock pot chicken from yesterday and shredded it up.  Added some chopped mushrooms and BBQ sauce.  I spread all of that on a WW tortilla and topped it with steamed onions.  I had planned to make it a wrap, but there was so much filling I ended up leaving it open-faced.  I also seasoned and steamed a yellow squash for a side dish.  It was a warm, yummy, filling lunch!

After lunch I chatted with the hubbie for a bit and attempted to finish getting our taxes ready to mail (I say attempted because I had to call my Dad with some last minute questions), and I entered all of those papers I graded this morning into my gradebook.  Since I felt like I’d been working all day, I skimped on the planning and just planned tomorrow.  I was ready to be done!  So I grabbed some oats and my Runners World magazine!


This was a GOOD bowl today.  I decided to nix the wheat bran mix in… I just wasn’t enjoying what it did to the texture of my oats… it almost made them cream of wheat like.  So this was just 1/2 c. oats, 1/2 smashed banana, some cocoa, and some fresh chopped strawberries.  Choco-nana-berry oats!  SO YUM!  I really wanted to take a nap instead of run (I was nice and full… and it was cloudy outside), but this is my last week of training before my half marathon… I can’t get lazy now!  So I hopped on the treadmill for a 5 miler before making dinner:








Dinner was leftovers from yesterday’s Easter feast.  Along with my traditional salad and garlic toast I finished off the last Lemon-Garlic Chicken breast, the last cup of roasted sweet potatoes, the last bit of roasted carrots, and had some of the Veggies in spicy orange sauce from last week. 

After dinner I showered and got things packed up for tomorrow because the hubbie and I have a date with the TV tonight.  We haven’t sat around on the couch together for a while, so I hope TiVo has something good waiting for us!  While we veg out, I plan to nosh on the following:


microwave cake ice cream






Those carrot cake cupcakes aren’t going to eat themselves!  It’s back to work with me tomorrow, but it’s only a 4 day week!  Goodnight!


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