Hubbie time Tuesday!

It was back to work with me today, and I needed to head in early to print off some stuff for my kids, so I had breakfast ready and waiting from the night before:


The same chocolate muesli mix as before topped with lots of strawberries.  I had a full day of school and I planned to stay after, so it was a full lunch bag today:


apple and ab






Morning snack: Cheerios (for once!) Cantaloupe

Lunch: Leftover Minestrone Soup from the freezer (still frozen if you can’t tell) and leftover veggies (bell pepper strips and grape tomatoes) from Easter with some leftover Dill Veggie Dip and some Jell-o.

Afternoon Snack: Apple with homemade almond butter

I stayed after school for about an hour and a half because I won’ t be able to stay after at all again this week.  The hubbie is going out of town for a few days, which means our spoiled rotten puppies will be home for 8 hours at a time on their own (GASP!)!  This is NOT the norm for them as the hubbie and I work opposite schedules so they’re rarely left alone for more than a few hours at a time.  It’s not that they can’t handle it, but they never have to.  So I have to come home RIGHT after school to let them out for the rest of the week.  After I left work I stopped by the post office, finished packaging up and then mailed our taxes.  So check that off the list!

When I got home I had a bowl of blueberry yogurt topped with strawberries and Kashi Puffed and GoLean Crunch cereals.  I was supposed to do 30 Day Shred Level 2, but I just wasn’t in the mood (AT ALL!).  The hubbie was using the TV to play Wii and I just didn’t feel up for it, so instead I did a quick 10 minute SparkPeople Video for a bit of strength training.  I figure I’ll do Jillian on Thursday since the hubbie will be gone and I’ll need to keep myself entertained!


On a side note, I’ve decided to take part in the HangryPants 30 Day Break the Habit challenge in an effort to quit biting my nails (finally!).  I plan to start today, so here’s the before pic:








So far I caught myself picking at my cuticles once today and immediately stopped as soon as I was conscious of it, but no biting.  I think it’s just a matter of making myself aware that I’m doing it and then stopping (duh!).  We’ll see how it goes!  YAY for self improvement!

Dinner was simple.  Just some pasta with some jarred sauce (Classico Spicey Tomato and Basil to be specific).  I bulked mine up with some steamed broccoli and mixed a little fat free ricotta into the sauce to make it a creamier sauce instead.  Of course I had to have my salad and garlic toast on the side!








After dinner I munched on an orange while I paid bills and the hubbie packed up for his trip.  Now I’m going to get a fast shower and get tomorrow’s lunch packed so we can hang out together this evening.  Here’s how the snack front is looking for the rest of the evening:



 There’s the orange I mentioned earlier, some leftover chocolate pudding (warmed in the microwave… mmm… cook’n’serve is SO much better than instant), and another carrot cake cupcake.  Have a good night!


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