Workin’ on the blog…

Thursday’s done and I’ve got one more day until weekend!  YAY!  Here’s how my Thursday started:







 A piece of WW toast with Smuckers Sugar Free Strawberry Jelly and a Morning Star Breakfast Sausage.  Then, another yogurt bowl just like yesterday’s with greek yogurt, strawberries/blackberries, and Kashi Puffed and Honey Sunshine cereals. 

Today was a busy day at school as we got our new laptops in and had to switch out our old ones for new ones.  I spent the better part of what little free time I had today making sure the new laptop worked with my fancy schmancy promethean board (and it did… but it took a few minutes to set up).  So at least all seems to have gone smoothly with that transition (though I’m knocking on wood just in case!).  I snacked on some cantaloupe and watermelon while I worked.  Lunch featured some leftovers:


Some leftover Bear Creak Cheddar Potato Soup with some broccoli added to it, a side of bell peppers/cucumber slices with the last of the Dill Veggie Dip from Sunday, and a Jell-o.

We had a high of 60 degrees today so I came home and hung out with the puppies in the backyard for a while before settling in on the couch and catching up on some blogs.  I also did some work on my own blog!  I added an email address that I can be contacted at ( AND I started adding content to the recipes section (FINALLY).  True, I’ve only added one recipe… but hey, it’s a start.  I’ve got plans to add my 100 calorie carrot cupcakes, the veggie/tofu stir fry I made last night, and my recipe for turkey italian sausage in the next couple of days.  It just takes a while to get the recipe all put in and to estimate the amounts of ingredients I use.  While I worked I snacked on a piece of toast topped with almond butter and banana slices and later a bowl of Kashi Puffed Cereal with some freeze-dried fruit and Unsweetened Original Almond Breeze.







 After messing around on the computer for a while I decided I needed to get off my butt, and since the puppies had been cooped up all day, I braved the terribly task of taking them for a walk:








 I know… you look at the two cuties and think ‘how can walking those two be bad?’.  Well, Sophie (in the red) loves to pull ahead (not so easy on the shoulder) and weave back and forth as she does until she randomly stops causing you to nearly (or sometimes actually) step on her.  Gulliver (in the blue), was a shelter dog that was originally found wandering the streets alone as a puppy and must have suffered some terrible trauma having to do with a car around that time because if a car even THINKS about coming by, it sends him into a nervous wreck of promptly sprinting to the nearest yard and planting his butt there and whining until the threat is gone.  Luckily, I stuck to some less busy streets, but without the threat of a car, Gully relaxes and goes into his own world and pays no attention whatsoever to what direction he’s walking in or who’s foot he’s wandering under.  SO, walking my dogs is an experience!  We only did about a 10 minute walk, but between the 3 cars that zoomed by and stepping on Sophie once, it was enough for one day.  I really ought to go all Caesar Milan Dog Whisperer on their butts and get them to walk better by practicing everyday, but for now, we have a fenced back yard and they get their exercise getting chased around out there. 

Once we got home, I started my dinner (it needed to bake for a while) before fitting in a quick workout.  I felt like changing it up so I did a 1/2 hour show off of FitTV: Total Body Sculpt with Gilad.  That man makes me giggle.  Everytime he’s says ‘Very Nice’ (which is… a lot), he sounds vaguely like Borat and it cracks me up.  He was working outer thighs today, so after doing several leg lifts (you know… where you lay on your side and lift one leg up in the air over and over again) he allowed me a second to stretch out my muscle (and it was tight). The funny part was that he proceeded to smack his thigh muscle to ‘loosen it up’ all the while commenting ‘Spank that muscle.  Spank yourself’.  At that point, I lost it.  So I had an entertaining though not very intense workout this afternoon.

Dinner was frozen Louisa brand Cannelloni topped with Ragu pasta sauce.  I also roasted a small zucchini and a few spears of asparagus and had my salad/garlic toast sides.  It was really good.


Not much new on the night time snack front… ya know if it ain’t broke don’t fix it… and these desserts are definitely working for me:

carrot cupcake

microwave cake ice cream






Now I’m going to spend some time grading thinking about how I should be grading but instead reading a book, showering, moisturizing my cuticles (still going good on the Break the Habit Nail Biting Challenge, but I think one reason I pick at my cuticles is because they’re dry, so I’m going to search through my lotions and potions tonight for a solution to that problem) and packing my food for tomorrow.  I’ve got to figure out a lunch I can eat in the car.  I’m leaving work an hour early (after my last class) tomorrow to head down to the Fitness Expo for the Go! St. Louis Half Marathon I’m running on Sunday to pick up my race packet.  It stinks, I SO want to be excited about this race that I’ve been preparing for for so long, but there’s a giant rain cloud on the weather chart for that day and I DO NOT DO running in the rain (yes… I was whining when I said that).  Ugh.  I’m really hoping it’s spontaneously dry that morning!  Anyway, it’ll be my first race expo, so I’m kind of excited to go.  It should be interesting!


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