It’s officially race weekend!

I started my day with the exact same breakfast I had Wednesday:








Toast with Smuckers Sugar Free Orange Marmalade, a microwaved egg white, and a yogurt/cereal/fruit bowl.  Work went by fast today because I was excited for what I got to do after work: go to the  Go! St. Louis Health/Fitness Expo and pick up my race stuff! During my drive downtown I had a wrap (WW tortilla, laughing cow cheese, spinach, cucumbers, pickles, green peppers, onions) and a banana (the cantaloupe/watermelon was my mid-morning snack).








It was exciting getting all my stuff for the race.  I’ve been training for this for SO long!  I can’t believe I’m running 13.1 miles on Sunday!!  I wandered around the various booths and picked up some free samples.  The sample I’m MOST excited about is the Larabar samples.  I’ve been wanting to try these for forever!  Here’s my haul:








When I got home it was a balmy 74 degrees outside so I HAD to do my last training run outside!  It was a quick 3 miler (quicker than it should have been in fact… I ran at race pace when I should have been taking it easy.  I REALLY need a to get a Garmin to help myself keep track of pacing).  I tried out a new pair of shorts on my run.  A while back I bought some shorts on clearance from Champion.  These shorts were different than all the other shorts I’ve ever owned because they had built in underwear.  I was afraid they’d chafe or ride up, but they were AWESOME!  I totally need to order more of these!  So my pasty white legs finally got their first bit of sun exposure of the year.  When I got home, the puppies and I decided to spend a little time out in the back yard:








A book, a cold glass of high quality H2O and a nice warm day.  I was all kinds of happy with my afternoon plan.  At some point I went in to grab an apple with almond butter.  It was just a nice way to spend an afternoon. 

apples and almond butter

I figured I keep the fun going by trying my hand a low calorie version of macaroni and cheese for dinner.  Unfortunately, it came out rather bland… not bad, but not something I’d make again.  I also had my salad and toast.  After dinner I had dessert: leftover strawberry shortcake!








Now I’m getting ready to pop Marley and Me into the DVD player.  I LOVED the book, but I know this is going to make me cry, so along with these snacks (cinnamon popcorn and the standard nighttime dessert of microwave cake and ice cream), I’m bringing a box of tissues with me while I watch.

cinnamon popcorn

cake with choc pb






Tomorrow I’m making a trip to Whole Foods and I’m SO excited to look for a lot of the products I’ve been reading about on food blogs!  I’ll show you what I get tomorrow!


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