Lots of shopping…

Sssshhh!!  Don’t tell anyone… I took today off of work!  Boy was I glad I did too because I was in no condition to be on my feet dealing with kids all day.  My legs were SSOOOO stiff this morning from yesterday’s race.  I spent my morning catching up on blogs and creating my shopping list for later in the day.  I also tried out something new for breakfast:


A chocolate oatmeal pancake (complete with a microwaved egg white and strawberries)!  It wasn’t quite right yet (needs to be a bit sweeter), but it was definitely on the right track and once I try it again and tweak it I’ll post the recipe.  I did a few things around the house and before I knew it, I needed to eat lunch so I could get grocery shopping (I’m not allowed near food stores on an empty stomach 🙂 )


Lunch was some more of that Veggie/Tuna Salad on bread topped with swiss, some bell peppers/cucumber slices with Tzatziki dip, some spinach chips (just bake spinach in the oven on parchment paper until crispy) with ketchup, and a jell-o.  After my lunch I headed out the door.  I went to Aldi’s for some nice, cheap produce.  Then to Target.  Then to Schnucks for the rest of my grocery needs.  It took me 3 hours!!  Then I came home and still had to unload it all and put everything away!  Shopping was a day long event for me today!  While I put things away, I tried some of my new goodies:










A Crystal Light Pink Lemonade Popsicle and a Medjool Date stuffed with homemade Almond Butter.  I have to say, I was scared to try these because they looked disgusting, but I’d read so many other people’s blogs who love them, so I did.  I really enjoyed it!  Of course, it sucks that they’re 70 calories a pop (and that’s without the AB)!  After all that work I sat down for about an hour for a little break.  While I caught up on blogs and emails I munched on a few MORE snacks:








Greek yogurt with cinnamon and some watermelon.  I never did get around to walking today like I wanted to… I’m kinda disappointed about that, but I did try out one of my purchases from Target: A foam roller!  I really liked how it felt on my calves.  I really felt like it was working the knots out of them.  I’m thinking tomorrow I may try a nice, easy run or a walk if I’m feeling up to it.  Dinnertime rolled around in no time… we didn’t really do anything special:


Spinach salad, grilled chicken, roasted sweet potatoes, steamed veggies (zucchini, squash, asparagus), Green Giant Green Beans with Almond Slivers, and garlic toast.  Now I’m looking forward to an evening of grading (but you know there will be snacks involved!):

carrot cupcake

banana slice with ab








The very last carrot cupcake.  MMmmm… I MUST post this recipe.  A banana with some AB drizzled on top.  And a repeat from the other night: vanilla ice cream with a chocolate pizzelle cookie crunched on top and a chocolate chewie cookie on the side. 

Sorry this has been such a boring post.  I really need to get more focused on work for tomorrow, so I’m being rather short and to the point!  Hopefully I’ll have more time tomorrow!  Goodnight!


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