Can’t keep me away from running!

Ugh!  How is it not summer yet??  The alarm went off this morning and and heaved myself out of bed onto my feet only to discover that my calves feel much less tight today and my hamstrings feel much more tight.  Nice of my leg muscles to take turns being sore!  The more I moved around the more I loosened up, which was a good thing because I really wanted to do a run today (even though I’m supposed to be taking an easy post-half-marathon week… I’m getting antsy already).  I took breakfast with me to school because I had work to do before the kiddies arrived:dsc02614

Kashi Puffed cereal mixed with Greek yogurt and random freeze dried fruit.  There was also a camera shy Morning Star Breakfast Sausage Link consumed for some more protein!

I knew I’d be staying after school today, so it was a full lunch bag:


Blackberries for the morning snack.  Lunch was leftover veggie mac ‘n’ cheese from last week, leftover steamed veggies from last night, and Jell-o.  I also brought and apple with some homemade AB to munch on after school.  Once I got home I did some more snacking while I caught up on emails for the day. 


Just some Weight Watchers string cheese and a cup of key lime yogurt with some corn flakes mixed in.  I was very excited to check my email and see that I’d gotten a reply from the local CSA (community supported agriculture) Farm I’d contacted.  They still have half-shares available for purchase so I think we’re going to sign up.  We’ll go an pick up 8-12 lbs. of produce 13 times (it works out to about every other week) from May-November from a local farm that does not use pesticides or chemicals to grow their crops.  Not only will we be supporting local farmers, but hopefully it’ll be a bargain at $250 for the whole season.  We’ll see how all the math works out in the end, but I thought it’d be fun to try it for a season!  I’ll keep you up to date on how it works out!

Another thing I need to keep you up to date on is the Break the Habit Challenge I’ve been participating in to try and stop biting my nails…. I’m happy to report I haven’t been biting and I’ve been moisturizing my cuticles every night to try and keep myself from having something to pick at.  I actually painted my nails this past weekend because they’re looking so much better after just a week!  I’ll take a picture of them in another week or so to give you a ‘halfway through the challenge’ update!

After I finished with the emails and such I took a nice easy run on the treadmill.  I used my treadmill purposefully so I wouldn’t go too fast (I’m SO bad at pacing myself outside!), and I just did 3 miles.  It felt pretty good.  My legs did feel a little heavy and tired still, but overall it felt nice.  I stretched out REALLY well afterwords and did a little bit of rolling on my new foam roller… just a few leg things.  If I’m still feeling good tomorrow, I may do another nice easy run then… we’ll see!  This whole idea of taking a week or two off for recovery after a race just doesn’t sit well with me.  I’m just going to listen to my body and if it’s feeling OK, I’m going to keep moving on!  I’ve got to set my sights on training for the full marathon in Chicago in October!!  As usual, as soon as I was done with my run it was time to make dinner:


I pulled a bag of Trader Joe’s Gnocchi alla Sorrentina out of the freezer.  We love that stuff!  The only problem is it says there’s 3 servings in it… but I know the hubbie could polish off the bag on his own easily.  It’s just not enough food for us, so I bulked my bowl up with some more of that Mac N Cheese from the other night and had some roasted zucchini topped with spaghetti sauce on the side along with the usual salad and toast.  After dinner I was in the mood for something sweet…


Or maybe two something sweets… Cookie Crisp and  Reese’s Buttercup.  MMmmmm…  Now I’m getting ready to consume my old standby:

microwave cake ice cream

before hitting the shower and reading a bit before bed.  Tomorrow I have to stay after school for ‘Half-time Hotties’ Practice.  I’ll tell you more about what that is exactly in tomorrow’s post!


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