Hump day and Half time Hotties Practice!

First and foremost: happy Earth Day everyone!  Looking back over the past year or so I realize that I’ve made some small changes to try and ease up the dent I leave on this rock that were really easy to do… maybe you could try a few out!

  1. Using compact fluorescent bulbs
  2. Using a reusable water bottle instead of a new bottle of H2O for lunch everyday and using a water filter pitcher at home instead of bottled water
  3. Recycling every last bit paper we can (boxes and junk mail included… it’s not just for newspaper anymore!)
  4. Running outside more instead of on the treadmill (though I had to today… sorry Earth!)
  5. Using reusable bags when shopping
  6. Most recently: Joining a CSA Farm so I get more local (and chemical free) produce

None of the changes were particularly difficult or expensive, so try one out if you can!  Alright… now onto the food for the day:


Breakfast was a couple pieces of toast topped with Sugar Free Strawberry Jelly and Orange Marmalade, a microwaved egg white, and a Morning Star Breakfast Sausage Link.  That filled me up pretty well, so I took my blackberries and strawberries to work with me and munched on the during my first class.  Here’s what was in the lunch bag:


Morning Snack = Chocolate Almond Biscotti (which I’d planned to have dipped in chocolate caramel tea, but our machine was broken! 😦  )  Lunch = Veggie/Tuna Salad spread on a wrap with a laughing cow cheese wedge, sliced cucumbers with tzatziki, and a Jell-o for dessert.  The little bag of pretzel sticks was there to get me through a couple of afterschool meetings: one boring one, and then my Half Time Hotties Practice!!  I’m SUPER excited about this!  Me and about a dozen other teachers are having some students teach us some of the current dances (i.e. the ‘stanky leg’, the ‘Ricky Bobby’, etc) and we’re going to perform them for the student body during halftime of the student vs. teacher basketball game in a few weeks.  The kids will get a kick out of seeing the grumbly teachers ‘cuttin’ a rug’ and it’s SO fun working with the students to learn the dances!  I’ll try to get picture posted of our performance if possible!  When I got home I discovered that my PB2 samples had finally arrived, and I was excited to try them out, but the flavor combo of chocolate and strawberries was calling my name, so I made an old favorite:

 chocolate strawberry oatmeal

Chocolate strawberry oats.  YUM!  I spent a little bit of time catching up on blogs and whatnot before doing another cautious, easy run today.  If all goes well and I’m still feeling good tomorrow, Friday I’m going to resume regularly scheduled training runs 4 times a week and get working on that new marathon training schedule!

Dinner was simple, but yummy:








 Homemade Fish Sticks, a sweet potato, leftover steamed veggies, and salad.  I made the fish sticks using a fresh cod fillet I purchased on Monday and even made my own breadcrumbs for them using toasted WW bread.  SO YUM!  After dinner I munched on a huge orange:


HEY!  How’d that chocolate sneak onto my plate?  😉  And now I’m getting ready to devour this sundae I put together:


The toppings are caramel syrup and a crunched up chocolate pizzelle cookie.  Feel free to drool… After I’m done eating I’m going to prep my lunch and snacks for tomorrow.  I’m thinking of going to the gym right after school and hopping on the eliptical with a Runner’s World Magazine or my DietGirl book for a little reading/crosstraining session.  We’ll see if I can motivate myself to pack my gym bag along with everything else tonight!


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