Almond butter makes everything better!

Today was a pretty average day… except for the weather!  It was SO warm outside!  We’re talking 70s people!  Tomorrow it may even hit 80!  I’ll have to make sure I get outside more tomorrow than I did today!  Breakfast was another fantastic yogurt/cereal/fruit mix:dsc02636

The citrus-y kiwi and tart blackberry went great together!  There was also a camera shy Morning Star Breakfast Sausage Link! I knew I had a full day ahead of me as I planned to stay after and get some work done and then swing by the gym before going home, so it was a full lunch bag today:


The chocolate/almond biscotti was for my morning snack (and the coffee machine was up and running so I got to dip it in some caramel tea… yummy!).  Lunch was a cup of Bear Creek Sante Fe Soup that I pull from the freezer and some Wasa Crackers topped with homemade AB.  I munched on the watermelon after school as I worked and had some refreshing chocolate/strawberry muesli just before heading off to the gym (oats=best. fuel. ever!).  The gym was a nice change of pace.  I brought my Runner’s World Magazine and read that while I was on the elliptical (and I used my heart rate monitor to make sure I stayed in a good range and didn’t take it too easy or hard) for 25 minutes.  Then I read my DietGirl book while I biked for 15 minutes.  It was great because I got to do some reading (something I NEVER have enough time for) and torch some calories at the same time!!  After the gym it was time for dinner and I still had a bit of leftovers to finish up:


The Spicy Veggies/Tofu in Peanut Sauce leftover from last week bulked up with some steamed veggies and served over pasta.  I also had a salad and a Kahiki Vegetable Egg Roll on the side.  It was delicious!  After dinner, I gave myself a little break and started flipping through my latest cookbook purchase: the new HungryGirl 200 Under 200 Book.  I ran across a recipe for Funky Monkey Squares that I just so happened to have all the ingredients for (particularly a VERY ripe banana that was about past it’s usefulness point… so this was the perfect opportunity to use it up!), so of course I had to try it!








These turned out pretty well.  I like the banana flavor in the background, but kinda wish there were more chocolate flavor (but when do I NOT wish that?).  1/9 of an 8x8in. pan is only 71 calories.  So that’s a bargain!  I had one as a test and then once I knew it was edible, I made it a part of my official evening snack… but I made it even better:


I combined it with ice cream on the side and topped it with homemade AB (which… while I was at it I added some AB to the ice cream too!).  SO GOOD!  I’m definitely looking forward to trying more recipes from that book.  If only there were more hours in a day to play in the kitchen!


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