New favorite wine spot…

My day started off pretty average…


with a Morning Star Breakfast Sausage and a yogurt/cereal/fruit bowl once I got to school.  I wasn’t in the mood to prep food last night, so even the lunch bag was pretty average today:


Another biscotti cookie for the morning snack and then just some soup and jell-o for lunch.  The good news is I got out of there right after school and got home and squeezed in a nap while the hubbie was out working for a bit this afternoon.  But before I napped, I was starving, so I had some cucumber with tzatziki:


After the zzz’s I needed some running fuel… and you know how oats and running go together! 


I just mixed in some cinnamon and sweetener into these and kept it simple  Then I got in a 3.5 mile run.   I still did this one on the treadmill- still trying to take it easy for a bit longer after the half.  But I’m feeling pretty good and have a long run of 10 miles (a bit of a back track for me) scheduled for tomorrow.  I think I can officially say I’m training for a marathon!  We tried to keep dinner on the light side since we had plans to go to a new wine bar tonight:


Just a salad, some grilled chicken, some grilled zucchini and roma tomatoes, garlic toast, and a new recipe: Stovetop BBQ Lentils.  This was my first taste of lentils and I really enjoyed them (which is good because this recipe made a large batch, so you’ll be seeing lots of these in the coming days).  After dinner, since the hubbie had his first Friday night off in a while, we headed out to a new wine bar I’d heard of about 30 minutes from our house: Aerie’s Wineryin Grafton IL.  We totally fell in love with this place.  We got there around 9 and did a 4-wine taste sampler to determine what we actually wanted to get (and we got to keep the glasses!).  I found another German Reisling that I really enjoyed just like at the Wine Tasting Class, so we bought a bottle of that a proceeded to watch the end of the Cardinal’s game and just generally unwind.  This place was SO laid-back and welcoming!  And they had a FABULOUS outdoor deck that overlooks the Mississippi.  You could only really see lights at night… I can’t imagine how wonderful the view must be during the day!  AND they allow you to bring your own picnic lunch if you’d like!!  We didn’t bring food with us tonight, but it was nice to think of spending a Sunday sipping a bottle of wine and munching on our own snacks.  We also loved how accomedating they were.  They close around 10 p.m., but since we were just getting started on our bottle at that point, they told us that while they were closing down the building, we were welcome to hang outside on the deck as long as we wanted.  We actually ended up being the last people there.  It was SO nice to enjoy the warm weather, with the nice breeze, the nice views, and the nice wine.  I can’t say enough good things about this place!  We LOVED it, and will DEFINITELY be heading back!





When we got home I was feeling snacky, so I grabbed one of the HungryGirl Funky Monkey Squares from last night…


and topped it with ice cream of course.  Now I’m about ready to turn in for the evening.  I feel so calm and relaxed after hanging out outside all night, what a great way to end a week!!


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