Worst. Run. Ever.

AAAHHHH weekend!  So many things to pack into only 2 days!  I woke up this morning and began making my HUGE shopping list.  I have to go to Target because it seems as though every single one of my friends is either getting married or having a kid, so I have LOTS of gifts to buy.  Gully needs food (only found at Petco).  I also need to go to the grocery store to get us a few things and get the ingredients for the fruit salad I’m making for Wednesday’s food day at work.  I had plans to go to all these places after my long run, but before dinner, but that didn’t quite work out… but I digress.  Let’s start at the start, shall we?


During the list making I had a cup of tea with a Chocolate/Almond Biscotti cookie to hold me over for a bit until I was ready to make a proper breakfast.


This yogurt/fruit/cereal bowl was especially outstanding because I cut up the pineapple I bought earlier in the week and mixed some of that in.  Fresh pineapple = fan-freakin’-tastic!  I spent the rest of the morning mapping out my run online, taking a quick power nap, and generally puttering around the house being unproductive until  I ate my oats:


Nothing fancy here.  Just some cinnamon, frozen wild blueberries, and 1/2 a smashed banana.  After my oats had settled a bit, I went out on my run.  I was doing 10 miles total today and the plan was to do 6 miles outside and then the last 4 on my treadmill.  The temperature hit the upper 80s today, so I was ready to hit the pavement.  I was doing fine until mile 5… when I got a side stitch and started having trouble getting a good deep breath.  I decided I must be dehydrated and suffered through the last mile to my house.  Once home I grabbed a drink and these:

frozen grapes

frozen grapes, and hopped on the treadmill to knock out the last 4 miles.  I was just under a mile in when I got the most painful side stitch I’ve ever had.  I took my walk break a bit early in hopes of fixing the problem, but I was still having trouble getting a good, deep breath.  After about minute of walking (longer than my usual walkbreak), I tried to  pick back up running, but the side stitch came back.  It felt like someone was stabbing me right under the right side of my rib cage.  So I walked again… a little longer this time… and then tried to pick up running again, but it STILL hurt.  I decided I couldn’t run doubled over in pain and since I’d already walked almost a 1/2 mi. at that point anyway, that I’d finish out that mile by walking and then just tack an extra running mile onto the end of my run to make up for it.  So that’s what I did.  When I finally got back to running I ran slower than I’ve run in forever (a 12 minute/mi. pace) and it seemed to help.  To top it all off, while I was making my post run snack:


A Mexi-meal (this bowl x2) similar to ones I’ve seen on Gliding Calm(a can of spicy refried beans, cumin, cayenne, taco seasonings, chopped zucchini, yellow squash, green and yellow bell pepper, onions… I was out of salsa unfortunately…), I started feeling weak and sick and had to take a break and munch on some pretzels as an unscheduled appetizer.  I felt awful.  Morals of the story: 1.  Maybe my body IS still a little fatigued from Sunday’s race.  2.  No running outside above 80 degrees for distances above 3 or 4 miles without water.  3.  Grapes are no longer enough fuel during a run.  I spent the remainder of my afternoon/early evening recovering from that, catching up with my mom on the phone, and showering, before making dinner.


I pulled some leftover chili from the freezer and had chili mac with a salad and toasted hamburger bun.  It was a very filling dinner.  Now I’m in the midst of forcing myself to grade papers while listening to Jillian’s radio show and taking snack breaks.  Early on I had an apple with AB.

apples and almond butter

But then I got creative!  I decided to play with the new toy I got for easter and make some frozen yogurt.  I mixed a cup of plain yogurt with 1 c. of unsweetened vanilla almond breeze, some splenda, some PB2 powder, and some mini chocolate chips to make some peanut butter chocolate chip fro-yo.











It turned out OK.  Because of the low-cal (read: ‘no cream involved’) ingredients the texture was more like ice milk instead of ice cream, but it was only 85 calories for a 1/2 c. and it did scratch the cold dessert itch.  I can’t wait til I have more time to play with this this summer.  I want to make some fruit sorbets and things like that, but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to do it yet!  I’m currently tucking into my last snack of the evening (a repeat from last night):


An HG Funky Monkey Square topped with vanilla ice cream (that’s right… I had ice cream twice in one night… who are you to judge?  😉 ).  The plan is to get up tomorrow morning and go on the massive shopping trip!  Hopefully tomorrow will be a fun, but productive day! G’night!

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  1. stubby829

    Hey Mandy,
    Don’t forget to add 100-150 extra calories today. You really need it with the exercise and heat now. Maybe more nuts for you, yummy. Your episode yesterday really scared me. Does Gulliver or Sophie know how to dial 911. I know how hungry you are to be healthy.
    Love you mom

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