Sunday shopping…

So I got up this morning, cut the coupons from the paper and then hit the road for 4 hours of errands/shopping.  I went to Target and got wedding gifts, baby gifts, mother’s day gifts… then I went to Petco and got Gully food… then I went to Dierbergs for a few things I can’t find at the SuperWalmart and then I went to Walmart and did some grocery shopping.  It took forever, but I got a lot done!  I spent the first part of the afternoon wrapping up all the gifts.  Check them out:


I’d tell you about what’s in them, but some of them are Mother’s Day gifts and my mommy reads this blog… so SSHHHH! It’s a secret.  Of course all that shopping required some fuel.  Breakfast was EXACTLY the same as yesterday:









A cup of tea and biscotti while I cut coupons and then a yogurt/fruit/cereal bowl that I brought with me and ate between Petco and grocery shopping (no shopping on an empty stomach!!).  As soon as I got home I had some of the leftover Mexi meal from yesterday:








I also had some new chips: Food Should Taste Good The Works Flavor.  They were some good, hardy chips!  Dessert was some watermelon.  I spent the afternoon grading papers on and off and as motivation/rewards, I snacked…




  It started with a popsicle… then moved on to an apple with AB… then finally a Mango-Tango Slushie from the Hungry Girl 200 Under 200 book (which I forget to photograph until it was mostly gone…).  It was a snack-a-liscious afternoon!  But as good as those snacks were, dinner was even better:










Mini pizzas!!  I made one veggie and one hawaiin (with pineapple and canadian bacon).  These are SO good.  I also had my usual salad (though it’s not pictured) and the last of my steamed veggies from last week on the side.  As soon as I finished dinner, I needed something sweet…


An HG Funky Monkey Square!  I didn’t even have time to put ice cream on it this time before it was down the hatch!!  After a quick call to mom, I paid some bills and caught up on some emails.  I also had a fabulous snack plate:


More Food Should Taste Good Chips (these were the Dutch Cocoa ones), a Reese’s Butter Cup, and something that takes me back to my childhood: a piece of bread topped with Peanut Butter & Co. Mighty Maple Peanut Butter.  This takes me back, not because we ate Pb&Co. when I was little, but because my Dad used to mix together peanut butter and syrup and spread it on bread for us when we were little as a snack (hello calories!).  When I’d tell my friends about this delectable treat, they’d grimace and say it sounded gross, but we LOVED it.  I can still remember getting excited when he’d go to the pantry and take out the peanut butter, the pancake syrup, and a mug to mix it in (I remember a certain Garfield one got used a lot!).  Well, today I saw Mightly Maple at the store and since I’ve been lovin’ me some Dark Chocolate Dreams, I thought I’d give it a try… expecting a sweet PB and nothing more.  I never thought of the potential for it to be similar to my childhood snack.  I was anxious to try it (yeah.. I’m a dork that gets excited about nut butters), so when I got home I popped it open and took out a small scoop and my mind was blown.  This stuff tastes exactly like what my Dad used to make!  It’s uncanny.  I’m in LOVE! You are going to be seeing this stuff A LOT in coming posts.  On a side note… how bad does it suck that my Dad didn’t act on his recipe and make millions of dollars off it? 

Well, I’m off to pack up my lunch for tomorrow, get my clothes picked out, and generally surrender to the impending work week.  But first, it wouldn’t be a night without ice cream:


New flavor this time: Blue Bunny Brownie Sundae Frozen Yogurt.  It’s pretty good.  It tastes like fat free frozen yogurt and not ice cream… but I love the brownie chunks in it!!  For 90 calories, it’s a good deal!  Have a good night!


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