Half Hump Day

We had a half day at school today and that meant a food day in our department.  Ugh!  Food days are such a challenge for me.  Very few healthy choices and lots of high-calorie ones!  I tried to keep breakfast light in anticipation of the early, crap-filled lunch:


Another greek yogurt (topped with cinnamon)/cereal/fruit bowl.  The two cereals I used were the traditional Kashi Puffed Cereal along with the new Jumbo Rice Krispies Cereal (with a touch of honey).  I’m loving these guys.  Sure they’re a little sugar-heavy… but when balanced out with the Kashi Puffed, it adds a nice sweetness to things.  The fruits were the last of my fresh pineapple (note to self: need more pineapple!) and blueberries. 

My contribution to the food day was a Hungry Girl recipe for Coconut Glazed Fruit Salad.  It turned out really well and everyone really enjoyed it.  You can see a pic of it in yesterday’s post.  I brought a piece of bread, a tomato, and a slice of cheese for a cheesy-tomato melt so I could avoid the main dish of white castle slider hamburgers. I also brought some jell-o in an attempt to keep me from hitting the desserts to hard…


Unfortunately, that’s the only pic of lunch you’ll get as I didn’t bring my camera to school to photograph the crap-fest that was my lunch.  Ugh!  I ate SO much.  Besides having at LEAST a 1.5 c. of fruit salad and my cheesy tomato melt, I bet I had 2 servings of Tostitos Hint of Lime chips (OMG… I LOVE this flavor) with some seven layer dip.  I also had several handfuls of pretzels, a brazilian cheese roll (a co-worker of mine has a wife from brazil… don’t know what was in this, but it was magic!), a slice of some other sort of cheese-filled bread, 2 or 3 bites of texas sheet cake, several bites of something called kool-aid pie (sweetened condensed milk mixed with cool whip and kool-aid mix in a pie crust… so much tastier than it sounds… so much less healthy than most things that exist on Earth), some Pasta House Salad… oh the list is endless.  I came home from work and after folding a load of laundry, fell into a sugar-crash induced nap.  I decided to go light on the pre-run snack… I just had an unphotographed cup of Kashi Puffed Cereal with some Unsweetened Original Almond Breeze.  I had a 5 mile run scheduled for today which I completed on the treadmill as it looked rather cloudy outside and I was afraid it would rain.  My right hip has been bothering me a bit (I think it’s my IT Band) so I’m going to look up some stretches online after I finish this post.  I also think I’m going to take tomorrow off from exercise (except for the intensity that is my Halftime Hotties Dance Practice afterschool 😉 ).  Hopefully between stretching and a day off I won’t have any problems and Friday’s run will be business as usual.  Since I went calorie-crazy at lunch I wanted a filling, veggie-filled, but low calorie dinner:


Leftover Mexi-meal fit the bill nicely.  I also had a salad, garlic toast, and a small cup of leftover minestrone soup from the freezer.  This dinner actually ended up being even lower in calorie than first thought, so I had a nice snack plate soon after:


That’s right… I became a cookie monster!  I had a HG Chunky and Nutty Frozen PB Cup from last night (they taste nothing like PB cups in my opinion, but are still a delicious frozen treat!), a small package of vanilla creme cookies, 2 chocolate almond biscotti cookies (and some tea to dip them in… man has this combo been hitting the spot for me!), and finally, I decided to forgo the bread tonight and just eat the good stuff straight… a spoonful of Mighty Maple straight from the jar!  Now I’m getting ready to get my shower, but not before I have the usual:

ice cream cone

Nothing like cookies and ice cream to complete and evening!  G’night!

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