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Much better long run today!

Today was another dreary and rainy day.  I felt sleepy all day partially due to the weather and partially due to the fact that I stayed up WAY too late researching vacation plans and talking about them with the hubbie when he got home from work.  I’m not going to say where we’re going just yet, because it’s not actually booked yet… but we should get it all figured out in the next week or so if all goes according to plan (which is SO exciting!).  Since I was already getting to bed so late, I didn’t feel like prepping a complicated b-fast or lunch so here’s what they involved:

dsc02728Breakfast was cinnamon/splenda sprinkled toast, a microwaved egg white, a Morning Star Breakfast Sausage, berries (consumed at school), and a cup of Diet V8 Splash Tropical Blend.

The lunch bag included the recently popular chocolate almond biscotti for a morning snack, a Fuji Apple + Greek Yogurt + Kashi Puffed/GoLean Crunch Cereals and some FoodShouldTasteGood The Works chips for lunch.


I love the combo of apples and greek yogurt !  It always takes me back to the cruise ship we were on in Greece last summer where I first discovered the wonderful-ness that is Greek yogurt!!  After school I came home and did a little more trip research before fueling up:


just some cinnamon oats with Frozen Wild Blueberries and 1/2 a mashed nanner.  Then I took a nice 45 minute power nap while that digested.  After much dread (and a little fear after how rough last week’s long run was), I hit the treadmill for an 11 miler.  I usually do my long runs on Saturdays, but tomorrow I’ll be leaving the house in the early afternoon to head out to a wedding shower and a retirement party… so since I’ll be missing out on prime running time, I took care of it today.  I’m happy to report that the long run went well.  I had some delicious fuel during my run:

z bar

My only complaint was that my right hip was still aching me a bit.  It’s not so bad that I can’t run, but it irks me a bit.  I guess I’ll keep and eye on it and try and do some extra stretching to help it out.  When I got done with my run, it was dinnertime, but tonight (since I knew I’d be forever finishing my run) the hubbie took care of it:








$5 Foot Long!!  I got a Turkey on wheat with all the veg except olives and jalapenos.  I skipped the honey mustard this time and decided to add something from our own fridge.  For whatever reason I was craving BBQ, so I topped it with a little Walden Farms Calorie Free Honey BBQ sauce.  I also had an orange on the side/for dessert.  It was a great dinner made even better by the fact that I didn’t have to make it!!  After dinner I settled in to check email, do a little vacation research, and a little blog reading.  While I was glued to the computer I had some snacks:


A bowl o berries and a package of cookies.  Those little creme filled cookies have been hitting the spot for me lately.  Now I’m finishing up this:

Ice Cream Cone

I decided to go plain vanilla tonight.  Now I’m heading to bed with the last few chapters of my DietGirl book.  I’m hoping to get up in time tomorrow morning to check out the yoga class at my gym.  I’ve done a few yoga sessions at my house using free downloads/FitTV shows, but I’ve never been to an actual class and I’m interested in finding out what it’s like.  Plus, I need to run a few errands afterwards.  That means I need to be scooting off to bed ASAP so I can get up in time, so goodnight!


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